Live Today: E-Commerce for Manufacturing 101

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Join us today at 11:00 am CST for an exclusive roundtable discussion about how to execute successful e-commerce strategies. We'll tell you how to find your pink shoe with purple laces and fix your we-we problems (it will all make sense when you join).

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The roundtable discussion includes:

  • David Mantey, editorial director of digital media, IEN.
  • Curt Anderson, co-founder of ecommerceMGMT, an e-commerce training resource guide for manufacturers.
  • Damon Pistulka, co-founder of Exit Your Way and part of the ecommerceMGMT cooperative leadership team.
  • Gary Bales, President and CEO at International Sensor Systems, which makes custom PCB circuit assemblies.

We will discuss:

  • How to execute manufacturing e-commerce strategies.
  • How to grow and scale your e-commerce business.
  • E-commerce opportunities in the U.S. manufacturing sector?

Register now and join us for the live Q&A. 

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