Manufacturing Minute: High-Speed Amphibious Motorcycles

In this episode, Gibbs shows off its new line of water bikes.

It’s happened to all of us before. We’re out riding our motorcycle, we get to the lake and then we’re stuck parking our bike in order to enjoy the water. But not anymore thanks to Gibbs Sports Amphibians Inc.

Last week at the American International Motorcycle expo in Florida, the company unveiled its Biski, Triski and Terraquad for the motorcycle/water sports enthusiast. Each vehicle lives up to their name by being 2-, 3- or 4-wheeled and each transitions from land to water with relative ease.

The Biski has a top water speed of 37 miles per hour, while the other two models have a top water speed of 45 miles per hour each. No price has been set yet.


Do you think there’s a market for vehicles like this? Or will it become a short-lived fad?

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