Security Breach: Knowing 'What Is Good'

Using data to break down silos, reverse engineer outcomes, and identify emerging threats like WormGPT.

According to recent report from Trellix, 31 percent of CISOs identified a lack of buy-in and use of cyber tools as one of their leading challenges. Additionally, of those who have experienced a large security incident, significant stress to the SecOps team and major attrition from these teams were identified as the most significant impacts of a cyber attack – outranking network downtime and data loss. 

These findings seem to indicate how important processes, and not just tools, have become in defending an ever-expanding threat landscape.

Our guest for this episode is Daniel Trivellato, Vice President of Product & Engineering at Forescout – a leading provider of tools and solutions focused on increasing SOC efficiency. He's all too familiar with these dynamics and offers some interesting takes on how to address them.

The report Daniel references can be found here.

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