Security Breach: Thinking Like the Bad Guy

Risk assessments must focus on "vulnerability bounties" and responses that close all the windows.

The latest high-profile hack of Dole Foods reinforces the need to upgrade operational technology security, and not just for the manufacturer. The distributors, logistics providers, retailers and end-users that rely so heavily on the role manufacturing plays are beginning to understand how critical and far-reaching the effects of a production-ceasing hack can be.

And so do the bad guys.

According to a survey from Nozomi Networks, 63 percent of respondents classify current cybersecurity threats targeting industrial control systems as high, severe or critical. This would support findings from Fortinet that 93 percent of manufacturers responded to at least one OT intrusion between 2021-2022, and 78 percent dealt with more than three such incidents. Additionally, the firm found that 61 percent of intrusions targeted OT assets. 

On this episode we're joined by Carlos-Raul Sanchez, Director of Operational Technology at Fortinet, a leading provider of OT Cybersecurity solutions to discuss these challenges.

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