Metcar Bearings For Dry Running At High Temperature

Metcar bearings are ideal for use in continuous dryers, high temperature conveyors, kiln cars and high temperature ventilation dampers.

Solid Carbide Thread Mill Program With New 3XD Sizes

17 new sizes have been added, from miniature to standard size tools.

DT-2100 Tachometer With USB Output

Aiding the diagnosis of the most difficult machinery measurements with its on-board data-logging, graphing and statistical analysis, the user can examine the results of their testing on site and determine if additional data is required.

Automation & Process Control

CableEye Quick-Change Shielded RJ45 Adapter Board

Sold as a set of two boards with expander cable, each CB18C accepts eight shielded RJ45 connectors via quick-change, press-fit connectors.

TC-80 Total Chlorine Analyzer

The TC-80’s advanced panel mount design includes built-in flow control, which eliminates the need for complicated pressure regulators and rotometers.

Spring-Loaded LVDT Linear Position Sensors

These 3/8-inch gaging probes measure the position of a target surface with a high degree of accuracy.

Building & Grounds

CoilPro CC-200

The CoilPro CC-200 uses a drop-in tablet technology which eliminates the need for technicians to haul around gallons of bulky cleaners, while still providing power cleaning using the pre-measured tablets.

Chemical Resistant Canopy Hoods

The canopy fume hood’s glass-smooth surfaces provide chemical, corrosion and heat resistance.

Clean Aire HEPA And Carbon In-Line Filter Paks

Both filters include a 30 percent pleated prefilter and can be paired together for applications that require particulate and fume removal. 

Capital Equipment

Akro-Mils Clear ShelfMax Dividers

Made of ultra-clear polystyrene, these new dividers are extremely durable and crack-resistant.

Akro-Mils Clear Nest And Stack Totes

Available in nine sizes, Akro-Mils’ Nest & Stack Totes are the ideal solution for storage, transfer and shipping applications.

Akro-Mils Akro-Tub Carts

Constructed of 16-gauge steel with a powder-coated finish, these rack options allow users to maximize their space utilization. 

Education & Training

The Engineering Slide Chart

The Engineering Slide Chart is a tool for engineers, designers, drafters, and machinists. It includes technical information from many of the quick references that are commonly found in the work areas of mechanical designers, machinists, and CAD users. 

DuraLabel Catalyst

Graphic Products
DuraLabel Catalyst features LED print technology to create high resolution 1200x600 dpi text and graphics. It is a full-color printer, utilizing the CMYK color process to print any color in the spectrum. Use Catalyst to print durable GHS, OSHA, ANSI and arc flash labels on demand. Printed labels are UV, water, chemical and abrasion resistant. No drying time, just print and apply. Catalyst is Energy Star certified for energy saving performance. Visit for more information.


Graphic Products
Echo is a large format printer, scanner, and enlarger capable of printing large-scale banners in just minutes. The inkless poster printer is environmentally friendly using thermal printing technology instead of messy inkjet or toner to flawlessly create safety posters for warehouse facilities. Users can enlarge an existing document or picture using the built-in scanner; print from a gallery of stock posters; or print materials directly from a computer using either a USB cord or computer network. Echo Canvas software included in the system allows users to design posters with access to more than 6,000 clip art images.Visit for more information.

Hardware & Software

Swivel On Swivel Caster

Caster Concepts

SoS reduces the amount of force needed to turn and maneuver a cart, and to start rolling a cart when all the wheels are not parallel.

Valueline 2 (VL2)

Phoenix Contact

The VL2’s design improves usability, incorporates fourth-generation Core-I CPU chipsets, and has an interactive user interface.

Bigfoot CMMS

Smartware Group

Smartware Group, Inc. will expand capabilities in its latest update to Bigfoot Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) with the addition of more than half-a-dozen new features, including CMMS configuration enhancements for job planning, purchasing, parts inventory and reporting. 

Industrial Distributors

Explosion Proof LED Light With Adjustable Magnetic Base

This 70-watt LED tank cleaning light provides 6,000 lumens of high quality light and is available in an optional 360-degree or 180-degree beam spread.

1.5KW Solar Powered Light Tower

This solar system is equipped with four 120 watt LED light heads mounted to a 30-foot collapsible pneumatic mast and is equipped with a dusk to dawn sensor.

New 18-Watt Work Area LED Blasting Light With Handle

This nozzle mount blasting gun light features a specially designed mounting system that allows the unit to be attached to the end of any standard blasting gun.

Material Handling

TAB Wrapper Tornado

The mobile TAB Wrapper Tornado stretch-wrappers may be moved from one conveyor, packaging or assembly line to another, from one department to another, and from one building to another to reduce product handling and staging.

Pressure Density Cup

The Pressure Density Cup takes a fixed volume (100 ml) of the sample and compresses it so that any errors due to entrapped air or gas are eliminated. 

AquaPruf VBT Conveyor

Featuring Vertical Belt Technology, the AquaPruf Vertical Belt Conveyor comes with a proprietary staggered sidewall belt that provides more pocket capacity than a traditional bucket elevator.


TAB Wrapper Tornado

The mobile TAB Wrapper Tornado stretch-wrappers may be moved from one conveyor, packaging or assembly line to another, from one department to another, and from one building to another to reduce product handling and staging.

Dynacal Permeation Tubes

Dynacal Permeation Tubes are small, inert capsules containing a pure chemical compound in a two phase equilibrium between its gas phase and its liquid or solid phase.

Longer Super Air Knives

Super Air Knives produce a laminar sheet of airflow to blow off, dry or cool large surfaces.


LISTED UNDER: Chemicals:

Ultra 3200FA Ultrasonic Cleaner

These 220V models feature an agitation table, dual filtration, a 10-gallon weir tank, sparge bar, and an insulated tank and lid.

BioRem-2000 Surface Cleaner

BioRem-2000 Surface Cleaner is list on the U.S. EPA NCP Product Schedule as a Bioremediation Agent and is recognized as safer alternative to conventional cleaning products for the U.S. EPA Safer Choice program.

Non-Foaming Machining Coolant

WS 8800 is a high performance, chlorine-free coolant for machining and grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including stainless steel, titanium, cast aluminum alloys and cast iron.

Predictive Maintenance

Fluke 370 FC Series Clamp Meters

The Fluke Connect-enabled 370 FC Series Clamp Meters log measurements to pinpoint intermittent faults without the need for the technician to be present.

Submersible Level Transmitters for Irrigation System, Water and Wastewater Monitoring

This series is a family of submersible level transmitters with up to ±0.2 percent FSO accuracy. They can provide reliable level measurements to depths of up to 700 feet WC (213.4 meters WC). 


All channel data is available at the same time due to the simultaneous operation and parallel configuration for a throughput rate of 51.2 kHz on each channel.


FL4000H Multi-Spectrum Infrared Flame Detector

The Model FL4000H is an advanced multi-spectrum infrared (MSIR) flame detector designed to provide superior false alarm immunity with the widest field of view.

Collision Sentry Warning System

Sentry Protection Products upgraded its Collision Sentry collision warning system to feature a more focused, more intense warning light for increased visibility.

Impact Resistant Thermally Insulated Oil And Gas TPR Glove

It is ideal for use in the Oil and Gas industry, also in cold or refrigerated stores and warehouses and for outdoor work in cold environments.


New 1 NPT Swivel Fitting

With this 303 Stainless Steel swivel, EXAIR’s Super Air Nozzles can be pointed exactly where you need work to be done. 

QuickFloor Curb And Step Repair

This fast setting concrete patch/putty with a moldable formula allows adhesion to vertical, horizontal and even overhead concrete or masonry.

Swivel On Swivel Caster

Caster Concepts

SoS reduces the amount of force needed to turn and maneuver a cart, and to start rolling a cart when all the wheels are not parallel.