Plant and warehouse managers may have to add “Air Traffic Controller” to their list of job duties in the near future. That’s because companies like Qimarox of the Netherlands continue to work up new ways to use drones in the material handling field.

Qimarox is a leading manufacturer of components for material handling systems. As a manufacturer of, among other things, palletisers and vertical conveyors, Qimarox distinguishes itself by its contemporary vision and approach, in which innovation, quality and added value are of paramount importance.

Qimarox feels that drones may soon offer a cost-effective and scalable alternative to traditional palletizing methods, as demonstrated by the latest Demo3D video commissioned by the company.

With little superstructure or extensive hardware to install, a drone-based palletizing solution could be deployed rapidly, and should be capable of a relatively high sustained load throughput. Although the current limitation on their usefulness is clearly the weight of the carried load, this is not seen as insurmountable in the medium term – interest from companies like Amazon will continue to drive battery and control development. So it appears that Amazon could actually have drone package delivery to your home someday.

While farmers are already starting to use drones to do things like survey their fields, drones and quad copters are still trying to find their niche in industry. Do you think that drone technology will be the next big thing in manufacturing? How would the technology advance the industry?

With many claiming that advances in current technology are enabling a sharp growth in new material handling techniques, Demo3D provides a platform to demonstrate and test proposed solutions. Take a look at the Demo3D video that Qimarox commissioned:


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