Advertisement is a web site designed to support the products and companies that support this economy. We are building a robust directory of products that produce paychecks for Americans to help consumers create jobs. Every purchase produces paychecks, we want to provide information to help the consumer decide which purchases create more jobs.

While we live in a global economy, I do not get paid in globals, I get paid and taxed in dollars. In today's economy, we have foreign products built in America, domestic products built overseas, and pure imports. The "Buy American" adage is a little harder to define if you want to create jobs in America.

We created our Economic Footprint rating system as a tool to help consumers navigate these issues and create jobs with their spending. With entire industries gone, it is more important than ever to look for every opportunity to engage in our economic recovery. We need and want trade, we just need to trade with countries that trade with us.


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