Food Delivery Robot Rolls Through Crime Scene

It seemed to confuse the officers on the scene.

A food delivery robot hauling for Uber Eats casually rolled across a Los Angeles crime scene this week.

In a video posted online, the robot can be seen approaching the yellow police tape before passing under it and through the area.

According to USA Today, “Connie” seemed to flummox the officers on the scene as it made its way through.

The police were there in response to calls about a reported school shooting that was later confirmed to be a hoax.

Food delivery robots have made improvements at navigating urban environments but obviously there are still some blind spots.

Nevertheless, Uber Eats is still pushing forward with autonomous delivery systems to keep the food rolling.

Last week the company announced a 10-year partnership that will deploy Nuro’s driverless delivery vehicles in multiple U.S. markets.

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