Bicycle Backpack Offers Protection with Airbag

It can fully inflate in 0.2 seconds.

Bike Airbag

EVOC Sports introduced a bicycle commuting backpack with the ability to deploy an airbag in the event of an accident.

The backpack, known as the COMMUTE A.I.R. PRO 18, is designed to protect a rider’s upper body, such as the neck, shoulders, collarbone and chest. A plate built into the backpack protects the spine. 

A chest strap with an electrified magnetic buckle activates motion sensors. The sensors, which last for 32 hours of use per charge, measure the position and orientation of the backpack up to 1,100 times per second. 

If a fall is detected, the airbag, with a volume of 18 liters and 6 psi air pressure, inflates fully in 0.2 seconds. Built up stagnation pressure drives a needle through the sealing cap of the compressed-gas cylinder. Under this pressure, liquid CO2 expands and fills the airbag. 

The airbag can withstand the equivalent of a 100-kilogram steel plate falling from five meters. EVOC claims that impact force and acceleration acting upon the cyclist are reduced by up to 80%.

A rider can repack the airbag, but will need to replace the CO2 canister used to inflate it. 

The backpack also includes cargo compartment space for a laptop, an elastic pocket on the side and additional compartments for various valuables. The total weight is about 800 grams.

EVOC presented the COMMUTE A.I.R. PRO 18 at the IAA Mobility show in Munich. 

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