CO2 Analyzer Measures Carbon Dioxide in Natural Gas Pipelines, Biogas Plants and Landfills

The analyzer quantifies the amount of carbon dioxide in sample streams in real time.

Carbon Hound

KECO (Houston, TX) announced the CarbonHound CO2 Gas Analyzer, an accurate, cost-effective and low maintenance method to detect and measure carbon dioxide (CO2) in natural gas pipelines, biogas plants and landfills.

The online process analyzer is ideal for use in chemical and biogas plants, gas processing facilities and landfill industries.

CarbonHound CO2 Gas Analyzer features:

  • Quantifies the amount of carbon dioxide in sample streams in real time using a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) method of measurement
  • Infrared detection element that provides an output proportional to the concentration of carbon dioxide
  • Digitizes signal as a 4-20 mA output, relay alarms, RS-485 or TCP/IP Ethernet to work in different process control systems
  • Large color touch screen HMI with LCD display that provides the current reading, previous reading, alarm conditions, historical and real-time charts, procedure prompts and failure indicators
  • Available in an outdoor weathering packaging
  • Wetted parts that are nonreactive when contacting the process stream
  • Requires calibration once a month or less
  • Optional H2S scrubber and fugitive emission control unit
  • Configurable with a sample system for LPG, LNG or gases entrained with light liquids
  • Accuracy and repeatability of +3% of full scale
  • Resolution of 0.01% for readings up to 10% volume

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