Milwaukee, WI -- Helwig’s Bearing Protector is a shaft grounding assembly that diverts static and induced electrical currents in motor shafts away from the bearings. This protects the bearings from potential pitting and fluting which causes the bearings to fail. There are several options available for bearing protection including insulated bearings, ceramic bearings, metal fiber brushes and carbon fiber rings. The Bearing Protector is the best choice as it provides years of service by providing a safe path to ground and minimizing the stray currents passing through the bearings, according to the company. The Bearing Protector extends the life of motors by keeping shaft voltage to a minimum (near zero) and 5 times lower than the carbon fiber ring.

  • Easy installation                   
  • One size fits all
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable performance (Projected brush life of over 10 years on 2” shaft traveling 2000 RPMs)
  • Cost effective.      

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