Rock Island, IL - The Inpro/Seal Smart CDR, the latest development in shaft grounding technology, provides users with instant feedback on the performance of their CDR (Current Diverter Ring) in delivering shaft currents away from bearings to ground.

The use of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) continues to increase across industries due to their ability to reduce energy consumption. However, these systems can produce harmful shaft currents that are the leading cause of premature bearing failure in VFD-driven motors. Shaft grounding devices such as the Inpro/Seal CDR protect bearings from these harmful currents, but only if there is proper contact.

The Smart CDR provides a condition monitoring system that measures CDR performance. The simple interface alerts users in real time if there is not optimal contact between grounding brushes and the shaft. If contact has been interrupted, routine maintenance can be performed to return shaft grounding to peak performance, thus preventing bearing failure.

This innovative technology is custom engineered to meet the specifications of your application and can be installed using multiple mounting configurations, including clip-on, epoxy, bolt-through, side-mount and flexbracket.

Smart CDR Modes
Manual mode: Performance status is managed manually with visual indication of either a green or red light on the Smart CDR sensor.
Auto mode: Performance status is automatically updated and relayed to a VFD, DCS or SCADA interface, alerting users of non-optimal performance whenever necessary.