Fort Collins, CO -- Strip or space heaters are specified to provide effective heating of the interior spaces of electric motors and other machines. One primary reason they are present is to provide a measure of defense against the deleterious effects of water contamination or penetration on the electric coils and elements of the motor or electric insulation systems. When they work properly, operators are rewarded with performance they expect out of their motors. Installed deep inside the motor, out of sight might mean out of mind; their hidden utility may be forgotten or not understood.

When heaters are forgotten or ignored and/or not energized at the proper times, condensing moisture can lead to sometimes irreversible damage to hidden interior components of motors. Very costly, unanticipated problems can result.

Therefore, a need exists for a simple, minimally invasive, effective and easy to understand “early warning” method for alerting maintenance professionals about proper operation of their electric motor space heaters.

The solution to this problem is the H-PD-2 Heater Power Detector from EDE Electric Motor Testing, says the company. This simple DIN rail mountable device will give you the early warning that your motor heaters are non-operational or have not been turned on. It is packaged in a ingress protection IP65 enclosure with a translucent cover for easy viewing of the status indicator lights.

Features and intended use include:

  • Monitoring of the alternating current electric motor space heaters between 1A-10A.
  • Monitor other constant current circuits for activity.
  • Early notification of electric motor heater status.
  • One, two, or even eight or more separate electric heaters can be monitored in one large electric motor.
  • 1xSignal Output for remote monitoring.