Waukesha, WI – Looking for that added layer of safety and peace-of-mind in your vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC), then the SafeLock system from Wildeck is the perfect solution, says the company.

All Wildeck VRCs incorporate a secure free-fall braking system designed to handle the full load rating of the lift, but slippage could occur if an operator inadvertently exceeds the VRC’s rating during the loading process.  With Wildeck’s optional SafeLock system, accidental descent of the raised carriage is avoided and a higher level of safety and protection is instantly achieved.  The SafeLock system provides a heavy-duty steel lock at each VRC column and the locks automatically engage when the VRC arrives at an upper level.  Wildeck VRCs are engineered for maximum safety and operator protection, and Wildeck’s new redundant SafeLock system elevates that safety to the next level.

Wildeck VRCs with the optional SafeLock system provide:

  • Heavy-duty steel design that supports a fully loaded VRC carriage.
  • Maximum safety resulting from one SafeLock™ device at each VRC column.
  • Prevention of accidental descent of a raised carriage should an overload occur.
  • An added level of safety that exceeds the requirements of the VRC industry standard: ANSI/ASME B 20.1 Safety Standards for Conveyors.