Woodstock, GA - HTP Super Socks from American Products will absorb up to six quarts of free standing oil, says the company. The HTP Super Socks will draw oil into the sock because of its capillary action. Where there are larger puddles of oil on water, HTP Super Socks will absorb only the oil, not the water. HTP Super Socks can be shaped into any position and will stay in that position without movement, says the company. HTP Super Socks can be used in areas where you have oil storage or constant oil leaking from equipment. If it rains, HTP Super Socks will repel the rain water and continue to work for you. Uses:

  • Any and all types of petroleum spills
  • Around storm drains
  • Outdoor containment areas
  • Spilled on elevated surfaces
  • Skim oil on water
  • Around lathes
  • Leaky machinery
  • Leaky pumps and motors
  • Leaky compressors
  • Hydraulic equipment

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