Testo Thermal Imaging has announced their next generation thermal imagers, the Testo 870 series, in two distinct models.  The 870 series is built around the widest lens (34º x 26º) available from Testo in a point and shoot imager and the FPA operates at a 160 x 120 resolution or 19,200 pixels, which is upgradeable to 320 x 240 (76,800 pixels) with the Testo SuperResolution option.  

The new Testo 870 series allows for the easy and safe thermal inspections in many thermography applications: The thermal images are displayed in real time on a large 3.5”  LCD view screen which is 36% larger than some imagers available today.  Critical center temperature and automatic hot & cold spot detection is a valuable standard feature of Testo imagers, which can be displayed directly on the view screen as well. 

Quick Facts – Testo 870

870-1 Without visual camera                      0560 8701

870-2 With integrated visual camera           0560 8702

Resolution                                            160 x 120

Pixels                                                   19,200

Sensitivity                                             100mK

Wide angle lens                                     34º x 26º

Optimized focus                                    fixed

SuperResolution Upgrade option           320 x 240

SuperResolution Pixels                          76,800

Temp.  Range                                       -4 to 536 F

LCD                                                      3.5”

Multi format image files                         BMT, JPEG

Internal Memory                         1.6 GB (2000 images)

Weight                                                  550 g / 1.2 lbs.


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