Testo Thermal Imaging (Sparta, NJ) is excited to announce the availability of its next generation thermal imaging software. Providing upgrades to its software, so it keeps pace with the additional features built into its imagers, provides the best thermal imaging experience for customers, says the company. Benefits of IRSoft 3.3 include:

  • Software is free to all users of Testo Thermal imaging Products.
  • Backward compatible with all Testo Thermal Imagers.
  • No Licensing or upgrade fees.

The new version contains the following additional features:

  • With the IrApi (Application Programming Interface), Testo offers a defined software library.
  • The main functions of the IrApi:
    • Display of the thermal image
    • Display of the real image
    • Information retrieval such as device designation, serial number, or temperature values.

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