IMSEAL-800, a high-strength epoxy resin from IMPCO, Inc. (East Providence, RI) seals gross (visible) porosity in castings and other metal parts. It completely fills blowholes, cracks, and other defects where welding or brazing would be impractical. Other features include:

  • A leak-proof, pressure-tight seal that can be drilled, tapped, machined, and otherwise processed without worry.
  • A low viscosity (750 cps) and a pot life of ~45 minutes, with the ability to cure at room temperature or be accelerated with heat.
  • Resistance to pressure, impact, and a broad range of chemicals once cured.
  • The ability to withstand constant service temperatures from -65° to 350° F.
  • A Rockwell hardness of 97, tensile strength of 9,000 psi, compressive strength of 35,000 psi, and compressive yield of 16,500 psi.

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