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Walter Surface Introduces New Stainless Steel Cleaning, Restoring, And Protecting Solutions

The SURFOX PRE-WELD, SURFOX RENEW and SURFOX SHINE were designed to clean, restore and protect stainless steel surfaces while promoting a cleaner, healthier, and safer industrial work environment.

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Triton OG SS Gear Lubricant

Phillips 66 Lubricants announced the launch of Triton OG SS, a high-performance, semi-synthetic gear lubricant specifically developed to meet the demands of heavily loaded, slow moving gears and bearings. 

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Synthetic Lubricant For All Locks

Mil-Comm Products Company, Inc. now offers their aerosol spray to the facility maintenance industry.

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NLDI Grade 2 Lubricant

HPG500 is a premium boundary lubricant that prevents metal-to-metal contact under high load and slow speed conditions for either high-end manual chucks or power chucks.

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Industrial Lubricants, Cleaners

The cleaning products include a Heavy Duty Cleaner, Degreaser, and Brake Cleaner and are effective at removing contaminants such as soil, grime, grease, diesel, adhesive gum, and more.

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Premium 32 Turbine Oil

The new oil has exceptional thermal and oxidative stability, and is well suited for power generation applications in markets like heavy industry, says the company.

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Extended Life Compressor Lubricant,

Ultra EL is a high-performance lubricant blend that provides advanced cooling technologies that allow air compressors to run cooler and more efficiently, even in high ambient temperature environments, says the company.

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Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun,

The new Grease Gun delivers up to 10,000 PSI operating pressure and features a new pre-set grease counter to dispense exact amounts of grease.

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WD-40® Specialist® Line

All of the new products in the WD-40® Specialist® line are 50-state VOC compliant and each come with unique benefits.

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Oil/Water Separators

SP Oil/Water Separators are designed specifically for molecular filtration of condensate, including emulsified lubricants produced by compressed air equipment.

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Spectrum Oil Containers

Spectrum Oil Containers are semi-transparent with molded volume markings, in gallons and liters, to provide visual monitoring of fluid levels.

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Chemlube® Plus Lubricants

The Chemlube Plus Series is fully compatible with most OEM Rotary Screw compressor oils and can be used to top off and replace existing fluids, says the company.

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Durable Bonding System

This two part epoxy features a one to one mix ratio by weight and cures at room temperature or more quickly at elevated temperatures, says the company.

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Gasketless Openhead Pail Covers

The patented design of the molded Tri-Seal Cover comprises a primary inner plug “cork” seal that is unaffected by changing top loads, a secondary top “flap” seal that engages the lip of the pail, and a tertiary outer “stretch” seal for added security.

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High-Performance Lubricants

Ultrachem will be exhibiting its line of high-performance synthetic lubricants, greases, and oils at Hannover Messe 2013 in the ComVac Hall (26), Stand E19.

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