WEST RICHLAND, Wash. (AP) — Tri-City native Jerod Shelby is building a factory in West Richland for his SSC North America company that makes cars that can speed hundreds of miles per hour and sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Shelby broke ground Tuesday on the $5 million project, which will include a research and development section and museum, The Tri-City Herald reported ( ). It could employ more than 50 people.

"What's great about what we do is that it can be done anywhere in the world," Shelby said. "I really wanted to keep it all here."

Combining operations under one roof at the headquarters will make it easier to manage, he said.

"Over the last five years we have built these vehicles in five different facilities. We have had to do one portion in one and move it to the next. This will be a completely different process on how the car is built."

The company will increase production from around six cars a year to 24, Shelby said. It takes around 2,700 man hours to construct either model, which are called the Ultimate Aero and the Tuatara. Both can reach speeds of more than 270 mph.

Once the new factory opens, Shelby plans a new model that will be more affordable, costing consumers around $300,000.