WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) — Pepsi Bottling Ventures says it will invest more than $81 million over seven years in its new, larger plant in Winston-Salem.

The company says the 307 workers at its current bottling plant in Winston-Salem will transfer to the new site in Union Cross Business Park.

According to paperwork the company filed, the plant will employ about 500. The average salary will be $32,555 plus benefits.

The roughly 200 additional jobs will be filled by consolidating operations from other facilities.

The company is eligible for $1.7 million in incentives from the city and county.

The announcement marks the second major expansion for a PepsiCo Inc. affiliate in Winston-Salem in two years.

Pepsi Beverage Co. announced plans in 2010 to add 195 jobs and spend $7.5 million on its call center operations.