TOKYO (AP) — Japanese automakers' global vehicle production was weaker overall in May due to the lingering impact from the March 11 earthquake, but Nissan showed resilience with an increase in output.

Toyota Motor Corp. reported Tuesday that Japan production in May fell 54.4 percent to 107,437 vehicles while its global production declined 49.3 percent to 287,811 vehicles.

The decline was smaller compared to its nearly 80 percent dive in April, when the impact from the disaster was felt more strongly.

The magnitude-9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami devastated large areas in northeastern Japan, home to auto parts makers.

Honda Motor Co. also reported lower vehicle production at home and worldwide in May. The company's Japan production declined 53.4 percent to 34,746 vehicles and its global production fell 50.4 percent to 137,852 vehicles.

There was evidence of a recovery at Nissan Motor Co. with its production bouncing back at home and worldwide.

The company's Japan output edged up 0.8 percent to 80,035 vehicles and its worldwide production rose 19.3 percent to 368,914 vehicles.

Nissan cited upbeat sales in the U.S., China and Europe for its global production increase.