Where and when: December 2-6, 2013, Las Vegas Hotel, 3000 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109. Alternatively, a customized program can be arranged at a client’s own site. Visit for more information

What’s offered: The accredited 2-part Electrical Machinery Diagnostics Workshop (EMDW) focuses on the electrical machinery theory and operation, practical concepts and analysis skills needed to efficiently address the issues that plague electrical reliability programs.

EMDW discusses electrical and operational theories and evaluates common electrical machinery diagnostic techniques, providing insight into the strengths, weaknesses and appropriate application of each technique.  With this knowledge, attendees will understand how to properly test ALL aspects of energized and de-energized machinery. Upon conclusion of the workshop, students will have a comprehensive view of the principles and solutions needed to diagnose electrical motor system issues.

ALL-TEST Pro is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)

Offered by: ALL-TEST Pro, LLC, P.O. Box 1139, Old Saybrook, CT 06475; (800) 952-8776;

What’s covered in Electrical Machinery Diagnostics Workshop:

De-energized Testing Course

  • Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA)
  • Insulation Resistance to Ground (IRG)
  • Winding Resistance  
  • Attendees will learn to:

        • Evaluate motor winding systems and identify rotor faults

        • Test DC motors and transformers using MCA troubleshooting and analysis instruments

        • Utilize MCA software for advanced analysis and to generate reports

        • Incorporate de-energized (off-line) testing into your current Motor Testing Program and improve your motor diagnostics capabilities

        • Improve inventory integrity via MCA acceptance testing

Energized Testing Course

  • Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA
  • Machinery Vibration Analysis (MVA)
  • Power Quality Analysis (PQA)
  • Attendees will learn to:

        • Identify, prevent and correct both mechanical faults and electrical failures within dynamic motor systems
        • Utilize ESA analysis software to capture data from an energized (on-line) motor and identify faults in the motor system
        • Perform both local and remote testing and conduct automatic analysis using ESA
        • Incorporate energized (on-line) testing into your current Predictive Maintenance Program