Thursday, April 25, 2013

1:00 pm ET

As businesses are inundated with more and more enterprise IT options, prioritization of requirements can become more complex. Luckily, today’s enterprise solutions are smarter and more effective than ever before.

Attend MBT’s free, educational webinar where our panel will highlight:

• Market research addressing industry perception and utilization of enterprise IT trends like cloud, mobility, connectivity and collaboration. Are you using your resources to their fullest potential?

• The specific ways trends in enterprise software are impacting manufacturers, as well as what the future holds.

• How enterprise solutions can positively contribute to a business environment without overwhelming the organization’s resources.

After presenting their findings, our individual panelists will then re-group for a roundtable discussion around these key issues, as well as answer audience questions in a live Q&A at the conclusion of the presentation.

Be sure to pass this invitation along to your colleagues who may also be interested in learing more about cost effective IT solutions for manufacturing.