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About the Company

Nanospark is a machine interface controller which manages attached equipment through the intuitive touch screen display of an iOS app. The controller's variety of digital and analog inputs and outputs effectively wire the user to nearly any machine or sensor. This equipment is then enhanced by drawing on features like calendar scheduling, networking, location services, and more.

In addition to the iOS features, an Apple device's hardware can be used to augment attached equipment, or create complete systems. For example, Nanospark created Colour Detector, an app which turns the iOS camera into a vision system; triggering outputs based on the RGB values seen by the camera.

Nanospark's standard Controller app is useful for prototyping and system development. However, custom apps can be written to automate complete systems. For instance, a process control app could monitor the temperature and humidity of a stored commodity. If conditions warrant, the app could initiate protective measures and send out alerts via text or email.

Nanospark opens the door to improving facility management. Our parent company, Senasys, is able to modernize and communicate with equipment, save energy around the facility, and create a secure work environment.

Through text messaging, for instance, Senasys has remote access to equipment anytime and anywhere. If an older CNC lathe that needs to be running all weekend has an error, Nanospark sends an alert.

Using the scheduling feature of Nanospark, you are able to conserve time and energy in your facility. Senasys has wired a Nanospark to two oil baths, which are heated for parts testing. These baths are scheduled to turn on and be ready for production when employees arrive. Nanospark also turns the baths off at the end of the day, preventing fires and other hazards.

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