Custom Equipment, Inc.

Custom Equipment, Inc.

2647 Hwy. 175
Richfield, Wisconsin 53076
Phone: 262-644-1300
About the Company

Custom Equipment, Inc. engineers and manufactures all-purpose Hy-Brid scissor lifts in electric and push-around models. The all-purpose lifts offer exceptional capabilities in a heavy-duty but lightweight design, are easy to maneuver and reach working heights up to 20 feet. Contractors and maintenance technicians can use them from start to finish for a wide range of applications in industries as diverse as construction, drywall, electrical, HVAC, industrial manufacturing, painting and plumbing.

Custom Equipment's mission is to design, manufacture and market high quality, specialized platform lift equipment that is built to exceed our customers' expectations.

Our vision for Custom Equipment is to become "the premier provider" of specialized, market leading platform lift equipment, with products available worldwide. We will reach this vision by focusing on our customers, our products and our employees, and the relationships we continue to build between them.

Core Values:
Our values at Custom Equipment are straightforward:
1. The statement, "we enjoy what we do" is why we're here.
2. The relationships we forge will be built on honesty, teamwork and service.
3. We strive towards the most creative and innovative solutions to every problem.
4. The quality of our customer service and our products will be the primary keys to our success.
5. For long-term success, the profitability of all stakeholders is an important focus.