With manufacturing plants across the globe, Kellogg’s has made its mark on the breakfast cereal industry. But, the company believes that mark doesn’t have to leave an over-sized carbon footprint. Kellogg’s is making great strides toward sustainability, which include choosing energy-efficient air conditioners to cool its plant in Mexicali, Mexico.

Going green is nothing new to the breakfast cereal giant headquartered in Battle Creek, Michigan. The company created GoGreen Teams which sponsor eco-friendly events and activities within the organization. It also put in place a Chief Sustainability Officer and Board of Directors’ Social Responsibility Committee to ensure the company sticks to its set guidelines for all sourcing activities, including agricultural ingredients. And, it sets measureable goals for reducing its emissions, water and energy use and waste.

Kellogg's Mexicali Challenge

The extremely hot and dry climate of the Kellogg’s food processing plant in Mexicali, Mexico provided a cooling and energy consumption challenge many companies face – how to keep their buildings cool without continuing to spend tremendous amounts of money. Specifically, the challenge was to keep Kellogg’s compressor room at 30 degrees C (86 degrees F), while ambient conditions reach as high as 50 degrees C (120 degrees F). The application – a processing plant at sea level elevation, was determined to need 50 tons of cooling. If Kellogg’s opted to cool with traditional methods, they would consume roughly 60kw during peak cooling conditions.

The Solution

To accomplish their goals, the company chose Coolerado to provide energy-efficient cooling in its Mexicali, Mexico, manufacturing plant.

As the most efficient air conditioner made, Coolerado’s technology is scalable, to meet the customer’s cooling needs with ease and simplicity. For Kellogg’s this meant they could accomplish their application requirements and save money. The Coolerado system will only use 7.1kw during peak power conditions, whereas a traditional system would consume as much as 60kw - equating to an energy reduction of 88 percent.

In terms of a direct dollar save due to the large energy reduction, the Coolerado system will save over $62,000 annually.

Not only will this installation save the Mexicali plant a large amount of money, but the Coolerado system will also reduce their carbon footprint. In furthering Kellogg’s green mission, the Coolerado system will only emit 27.37 tons of CO2, compared to 231.41 tons of CO2 that would be emitted from a traditional air conditioner.

About Coolerado

Founded in 2004, Coolerado designs, manufactures and markets super-energy-efficient air conditioning systems for light commercial use, based on its proprietary, patented and proven technology. Customer energy savings as much as 90 percent have been recorded with this cost-effective technology. Coolerado products are highly reliable and virtually maintenance-free and are currently operating in 26 countries around the world. The company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

About The Kellogg Company

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