A chemical plant in New Jersey uses several Viking Pumps to handle a very hot and viscous product. The plant’s maintenance manager had been overwhelmed for years by the high cost of keeping these Viking Pumps in service.

Frontline’s Solution:

Frontline was called in to offer some long term, viable, cost saving solutions. Frontline reviewed the most common and most frequently occurring problems and then examined the current maintenance approach being used and proposed the following:

1. Train the existing maintenance crew on the proper and efficient procedure to overhaul these pumps.

2. Produce a written, dimensional, pictorial step by step reference guide that the mechanics could use during the overhaul process.

3. Guide the mechanics on their first hands on overhaul.

See below a section of the overhaul guide booklet that Frontline put together, to help its customer in that specific pump maintenance application.

The Results:

The "hands on" training and the production of the guide booklet were provided by Frontline at no cost to the customer. Keeping true to its mission statement, Frontline helped its customer to considerably reduce its maintenance cost and greatly extend the useful life of its equipment.

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