Rangers Die Casting Company, based in Southern California, is a major  producer of high quality “no porosity” aluminum die cast parts. They use over 30 DUMORE drill units at the facility for secondary operations, and rely on a hydraulic check system to control the feed rate of each drill.  In the past, hydraulic check systems were costly, bulky and prone to leak their hydraulic fluids, causing fluctuation of the drill speed and down time for maintenance.  Deschner Corporation, a leading manufacturer of leak proof shock absorbers and motion controls, also based in southern California, previously developed a check unit called a “Drill Demon”  exclusively for use on Dumore drills.

The Drill Demon worked exceptionally well but was custom made at significant cost. In order to save cost and improve efficiency, Ranger’s Engineering sought a way to use a standard Kinechek leak proof  hydraulic check unit, also available from Deschner Corporation.  The Kinechek serves the same purpose as the Drill Demon, is more compact and costs much less.  At the time, no mounting adaptor was available to mount the Kinechek to the Dumore drill, so Rangers was forced to machine, in-house, their own mounting (adaptor) bracket. This bracket with the Kinechek was mounted on the outside of the drill housing.  This mounting method places excessive “side load” pressure on the spindle bearings, which may or may not cause problems with the drill unit later. This external mounting method also required a special cover to be fabricated to assure operator safety, but added extra expense.

Deschner helped Rangers solve these problems with the introduction of their new universal adaptor that is compact and mounts within the existing drill casing, the same as the original Dumore check unit or the Deschner Drill Demon.

It is extremely versatile and allows use of not only Deschner’s Kinechek® hydraulic check but their Skipchek (for skip drilling) and Peckchek® (for deep hole drilling). This new adaptor system, including the chosen check unit is about half the price of the Dumore check system or the Drill Demon it replaces.

Rangers Die Casting Co. specializes in the manufacture of high quality parts requiring a no porosity casting.  Rangers produces thousand of parts each month, including Automotive Fan clutches, Carburetion parts for Alternative Fuel over the road and also farm and irrigation equipment. All of which require drilling and tapping thousands of holes. Production times of these secondary operations have been greatly shortened and produce parts of higher quality by using the Deschner Kinechek Adaptor in their drilling operations.


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