GatorJaw website screenshot

FONTANA, CA—The GatorJaw framework system—an aluminum extrusion using a one-piece fastener—has unveiled its new website.

The home page of the site features an embedded Flash presentation of a cabinet framework, designed and made from GatorJaw, being assembled within a matter of minutes.

The GatorJaw website also features a Components & Kits section, which lists in detail all the GatorJaw extrusions and components, including brackets, casters, fasteners and other items. Duane McKinnon, president of GatorJaw, added that eventually customers will be able to download engineering specs for the entire product line. 

“The patented one-piece fastener designed specifically for GatorJaw is a real benefit,” said McKinnon. “Our customers report that it saves them time and money in labor hours.  And the ease of assembly and design keeps GatorJaw versatile. It is an ideal product for the plant engineer who needs quick solutions.”

“Our goal is to make it easy for the enduser to design and build with our product,” added McKinnon.

GatorJaw can be purchased in bulk quantities along with hardware, based on the needs of the project, or as one of several builders’ kits with enough hardware and extrusion to build an assortment of projects. To find out more about GatorJaw, call 800-960-1679, or visit the GatorJaw website at