The new EZS 350XL tow tractor from Jungheinrich can tow several trailers together and has a capacity of 11,000 lbs.

The truck is built with a 2.8 kW, 24 V AC drive motor for powerful acceleration and high travel speeds, with significant energy efficiency, longer operating times and low maintenance (through the omission of carbon brushes). It's also designed to offer:

  • Easy operation with electric steering and JetPilot
  • Curve Control for advanced stability when turning
  • Solid-pneumatic load wheels for increased vibration absorption

The primary ergonomic features are the low stand-on platform for frequent mounting and dismounting, and the short distance from the operator platform to the load. The tow hitch is visible from every position and is easily accessible. A small turning radius allows the EZS to operate in tight spaces, while the JetPilot steering wheel, supportive backrest and automatic speed reduction system all provide comfort, control and stability.

An optional semi-automatic remote release facilitates the hitching and unhitching of trailers without the operator having to leave the platform. Several different hitches are available allowing use with most types of trailers.

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