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Blue Giant Equipment Corporation has released the Blue Genius™ Touch Control Panels, a new line of microprocessor-based technology for operating dock levelers, vehicle restraints, doors, communications lights, and safety accessories.

A smart-touch keypad with multi-language visual display allows workers to manage all the connected loading dock equipment from one control panel, while an enhanced network communications bus provides more reliable high-speed communications.

Bidirectional communication and power wiring help prevent wiring errors between the controller and power pack, and can prevent common field miss-wiring. Its multiplexed electric field senses touch and proximity through the insulating surface without direct electrical contact with electrode metal, reducing wear, contamination, and even corrosion.

The controller operates on 24 volts and the panel is safeguarded against potential shock hazard when opened. Other safety features include a power shut down and short circuit protection.

An LCD screen provides clear, real-time instructions for operations, maintenance, and diagnostics, as well as supervisory keypad lockout and override functions. Programmable menu options allow the software to be configured for new equipment.

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