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Reliability of fuel supply tends to be of great concern for authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs). On-site fuel (most often diesel) is typically required for life-safety applications, and many mission-critical applications like 911 call centers specify it because it is perceived to be more reliable. Nonetheless, maintenance issues and delivery concerns of diesel fuel in an emergency, combined with the reliability and cost-effectiveness of natural gas, must be considered in a standby power system. NFPA and NEC offer provisions for the use of natural gas in standby power applications that had previously been the clear domain of diesel-fueled systems. There are also many ways to work with the AHJ to clear the way for the use of gaseous fuel in a standby power system.

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by Igus

What are the issues with bearing lubricant? According to a major ball bearing company, 54 percent of bearing failures are lubrication-related. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) often overlook a simple solution that can have a positive, long-term impact on profitability for themselves and their customers: the elimination of bearing lubricant. Download now to learn more!

by Cisco

Manufacturers like you can gain a competitive advantage from the Internet of Things (IoT), or connecting items in the physical world to the Internet. Download now to learn how IoT can help manufacturers improve resource efficiency, safety, and return on assets, plus grow revenue and save money.

by Cisco

Operations where plant floors, front offices, and suppliers operate in independent silos, where managers have only hazy visibility into downtime and quality problems, and where the root causes of inefficiencies are rarely understood or addressed.

by Cisco

Visibility to real-time overall equipment effectiveness and line productivity and reducing production line change over time

by Brady

75% of learning is done through visuals. Find out how you can increase employee knowledge, improve productivity and safety, and reduce waste all through the power of workplace visuals. Brady’s 5S Plus Guidebook provides best practices, examples and the tools you need to create a leaner, safer workplace.

by Infor

Mint Jutras founder Cindy Jutras shines a light on the heightened expectations the new generation of managers brings to the workplace, as well as the wider functionality that modern manufacturing companies require. This paper addresses how modern ERP solutions can address skill gaps in manufacturing by helping you recruit, onboard and retain today’s millennial workers, as well as foster collaboration and adapt to the changing needs of all employees.

by Kronos

Manufacturers have traditionally outsourced production to control costs. But today, countries typically known for low-cost production are under growing pressure to increase workforce wages, and political leaders are pushing to keep and create jobs in their own countries, often at a higher cost. Download Outsourcing Isn't About Low Labor Cost Anymore to learn how human resources and operations are being forced to rethink the way they manage their workforces in order to stay competitive.

by Kronos

Most manufacturers are familiar with Lean as it applies to equipment and processes, but did you know you can apply Lean principles to improve the way you manage your workforce? In chapter one you’ll meet an operations executive who must reduce his company’s product unit cost by 10% in a year or risk moving operations overseas. The story is interwoven with ideas for motivating cultural change and techniques for applying Lean principles to workforce management.

by Kronos

If you're like many other manufacturing organizations, you have already reaped the benefits of Lean production practices in your manufacturing operations. Wouldn't it make sense to apply the same Lean techniques to your back office, too? Download this whitepaper to learn the challenges of extending Lean to the back office - and how to overcome them.

by Azima DLI

Cloud Computing is opening up many possibilities in the world of Predictive Maintenance (PdM). The benefits are quickly realized by companies who choose to leverage this technology.

by Generac

Technological innovations are making gaseous-fueled generators both more powerful and more cost effective. Additionally, issues of fuel storage and reliability in diesel-fueled generators are becoming a bigger challenge. Finally, as more and more companies seek to reduce their carbon footprints, they are more open to options that are more environmentally friendly.

by Oil Skimmers, Inc.

Early removal of oil from your facility's wastewater can improve operation efficiencies, generate revenue, demonstrate environmental responsibility and even promote employee health.

by Oil Skimmers, Inc.

Imagine tackling your greatest production challenge quickly, easily and inexpensively. Now imagine tackling your greatest production challenge quickly, easily and inexpensively – and even generating a profit while doing so.

by Digital Lumens

In the quest to save energy, many facility managers have replaced aging HID, HPS and T12 lighting with high-output T5 or T8 fluorescent (HIF) fixtures. These retrofits saved energy compared to legacy lighting, but the savings that were impressive at installation time are now eclipsed by the superior energy savings potential offered by intelligent LED systems. By combining a low-wattage, highly controllable illumination source with sensing, integrated controls, and wireless networking, these high-performance LED lighting systems now effectively replace HIF lamps, and still save up to 90% on lighting energy.

Leading facility managers and operations professionals are scrutinizing energy use and re-evaluating traditional lighting choices – even HIF – in search of energy savings. This Guide lays out a step-by-step approach to evaluating alternatives and comparing ‘apples to apples’ to ensure that you find a solution that best meets your lighting needs.


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