Improving Predictive Maintenance With Mobile Apps, Part 1

Thu, 03/20/2014 - 9:55am
Tia Nowack and Anna Wells, IMPO

We live in a world that’s getting exceedingly high-tech, and the maintenance industry hasn’t fallen behind. The changes are apparent, from new video technologies, to the integration of new business communication programs. The ability to access information and control processes from afar saves time, money, and can keep workers out of potentially dangerous situations. For many solutions providers, this means more business apps for mobile devices.

According to a recent survey by j2 Global, 95 percent of small business owners have at least one business app on their mobile device, and more than 70 percent have up to 10 apps.

These apps allow the user to communicate directly with their coworker from the inspection site when things need to be addressed immediately or the technician needs to get additional information to understand what he’s seeing. Not only does this technology facilitate real-time communication of data from the field to the team, but it can generate trend graphs that increase decision maker’s confidence and faster decisions. 

In our next segment, we’ll discuss professional tips on integrating mobile apps for industrial applications and what your company can do to make the most of your predictive maintenance program, especially in a shortage of highly skilled workers. 

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