Bill Gates Wants Energy Miracles

Tue, 03/08/2011 - 3:19am

Bill Gates, well-known for being the founder and main proprietor of Microsoft for many years, now heads a foundation that invests in forward-thinking technology to help propel the world into a better future. As he explains in this talk, the key to solving the world's energy crisis isn't in making Americans use less, or taking away the services that we hold dear, but rather using technology that creates energy with little environmental backlash. He's not afraid to think pretty boldly, either — he eliminates carbon capture, nuclear, wind, solar photovoltaic, and solar thermal as technologies that just aren't quite revolutionary enough yet.

Luckily, the Gates foundation has invested heavily in companies like TerraPower, which hopes to develop a traveling-wave reactor. These reactors utilize traditional nuclear reactor waste as their own fuel. One location in Kentucky has enough spent uranium to power the U.S. for the next two centuries. Let's hope everything goes to plan.

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