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Fume Extraction Gun

June 21, 2012 4:04 pm | by Bernard | IMPO | Product Releases | Comments

The FILTAIR®Fume Extraction Gun is available in 300- and 400-amp configurations and is ideal for solid wire welding applications.

Solid Carbide Micro Drills

June 21, 2012 4:01 pm | by Sandvik Coromant | Product Releases | Comments

The CoroDrill 862 has a thin TiAlN coating to helps retain cutting edge geometry and provides a smooth surface for chip evacuation.

Inspection Stroboscope

June 21, 2012 3:59 pm | by SKF | Product Releases | Comments

The portable TKRS 10 Stroboscope facilitates inspection of rotating or reciprocating machinery in a “flash” without stopping the machinery or otherwise interrupting operation.


Flooring Adventures

June 20, 2012 2:55 pm | by Flooring Adventures | Product Releases | Comments

Tuff-Seal with DOW ECOLIBRIUM™ is now 70 percent derived from natural resources and formulated without the use of phthalates or lead.

New GX Compressor

June 20, 2012 2:51 pm | by Atlas Copco Compressors | Product Releases | Comments

Generating 29.2 CFM, the GX 7 EP combines a compact design with Atlas Copco’s oil-injected screw element and load/unload regulation.

Scaffolding Ratchet

June 19, 2012 11:59 am | by Snap-on Industrial | Product Releases | Comments

The Scaffolding Ratchet is three tools in one – tools that erectors need to easily and quickly engage the posts, fasteners, and clamps on scaffolding.

Fiberglass Enclosures

June 19, 2012 11:57 am | by Allied Moulded Product, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

Empire enclosures come with optional twist latches or 3 point latching handles for accessible service.

The Bulb Eater

June 19, 2012 11:55 am | by Air Cycle | Product Releases | Comments

The Bulb Eater is ideal for any facility that needs to dispose of large numbers of fluorescent lamps efficiently and economically.


Light Weight Remote Hydraulics

June 15, 2012 12:03 pm | by BURNDY | Product Releases | Comments

The Y60LW sis a light weight (43 pounds without stand) remote hydraulic tool to install transmission and distribution connectors and sleeves.

All-In-One Eyewear

June 15, 2012 12:02 pm | by Encon Safety Products | Product Releases | Comments

With improved optics, easier interchangeability of lenses and goggle strap, and more lens options, Encon Safety Products® says it has users covered.

Super Duty Die Grinder

June 15, 2012 12:00 pm | by Sunex | Product Releases | Comments

With the powerful motor, users are provided with the torque needed to get through the toughest materials.

New RIDGID Camera System

June 15, 2012 11:58 am | by RIDGID | Product Releases | Comments

Features include improved reel mechanics for easier passage through tight turns and an ultra-compact camera capable of providing optimal lighting through narrow spaces.

Spiroplan Gear Units

June 14, 2012 12:46 pm | by SEW-EURODRIVE | IMPO | Product Releases | Comments

Spiroplan gear units are compact, light-weight, lubricated for life, and may be mounted in any orientation (except M4) with the same amount of oil.


VOC Free Epoxy Resin System

June 14, 2012 12:41 pm | by W. R. MEADOWS | Product Releases | Comments

EG-96 HP is a three component, 100 percent solids, VOC and BGE free, epoxy resin system.

Energy-Efficient Air Nozzle

June 13, 2012 3:40 pm | by Silvent | Product Releases | Comments

The air nozzle is made exclusively of Zytel, a high-performance material that allows for the unique Laval orifices.

Slim LED Worklights

June 13, 2012 3:38 pm | by PATLITE | IMPO | Product Releases | Comments

These worklights feature unique micro-array lens technology that provides even light distribution with ultra-bright illuminance up to 2,100 lux.

MTWD Digital Torque Wrench

June 13, 2012 3:35 pm | by Mountz Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The tool provides a visual, acoustic, and sensory signal (handle vibrates) when the pre-set torque is reached.

New Safety Light Curtain

June 12, 2012 3:55 pm | by KEYENCE | Product Releases | Comments

The GL-R Series is built from a 3-millimeter thick extruded aluminum body with a 9-millimeter wide recessed lens surface to guard the light curtain from impact damage.

Uvex Bayonet Safety Eyewear

June 12, 2012 3:50 pm | by Honeywell Safety Products | Product Releases | Comments

Permanently bonded to the lens, Uvextreme retains anti-scratch, anti-static and UV protection properties that will not wear off.

Small, Light Storage

June 12, 2012 3:49 pm | by Rousseau | Product Releases | Comments

The new line of Rousseau compact cabinets can be used as a tool box, single, double or triple cabinets, or be integrated under the surface of a workstation.

New Conveyor Changeover Equipment

June 11, 2012 2:44 pm | by Nercon Eng. & Mfg. | Product Releases | Comments

Nercon’s conveyor changeover specialists have developed new programs and events to educate customers on the company’s conveyor changeover equipment:

Drum Handling Cones

June 11, 2012 2:35 pm | by Morse | Product Releases | Comments

The asymmetrical Cones for 55-gallon steel or fiber drums facilitate lifting, tilting, and dispensing dry contents from drums.

Scaffold Mount Work Light

June 8, 2012 11:12 am | by | Product Releases | Comments

This light is designed to operate with common 120 VAC current, and built to provide rugged yet versatile mounting to ladders and scaffolds.

White Heat Safety Glasses

June 8, 2012 11:11 am | by Galeton | Product Releases | Comments

These fashionable safety glasses provide both UV and impact protection, says the company.

Next Gen Air Compressors

June 8, 2012 11:04 am | by Atlas Copco Compressors | Product Releases | Comments

The 40 to 125 horsepower GA oil-injected screw air compressor range features improved components for performance, sustainability, and efficiency.

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