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UL-Approved Plugs, Receptacles

Fri, 01/18/2013 - 1:28pm

Meltric’s (Franklin, WI) switch-rated plugs/receptacles are constructed with an integral switching mechanism that ensures the safe make or break of ‘live’ connections and makes certain that the contacts are electrically ‘dead’ before the plug can be removed from its receptacle, says the company. They are UL approved as a ‘motor circuit disconnect switch’ (UL Subject 2682). Meltric’s female receptacles are designed with a safety shutter to ensure protection from live parts. The disconnected plug provides visual verification of deenergization and it can be locked out and tagged out by inserting a lock in the plugs lockout hole. An NFPA 70E defined hazard risk category ‘0’ is maintained when connecting or disconnecting electrical equipment so workers can avoid having to ‘suit up,’ the company explains.

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