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Military Tested Computer

Fri, 09/07/2012 - 3:06pm
Daisy Data Displays, Inc.

Daisy Data Displays, Inc. (York Haven, PA) has recently sent the latest shipboard PC design for a high-impact shock test, ultimately attaining MIL-S-901D military specification – the last and most rigorous Navy assessment for this unit to pass, says the company. The MIL-S-901D is a military specification for high impact shock on shipboard systems. The unit being tested, D3’s 19-inch flat panel computer with an integrated touch screen, withstood Grade A shock testing. The high-impact shock test is carried out with a series of nine individual hammer drops. The 400 pound hammer is dropped three times at three different heights on each axis of the unit. Following a successful feat with the shock test, D3’s 19-inch military PC meets MIL-S-901D in addition to several other key military standards including Airborne Noise Mil Standard 740-1, and EMI MIL Standard 461 and 462.

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