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Calibrate Pressure Switches

Thu, 05/17/2012 - 2:49pm
Good Day Tools

Good Day Tools (Cincinnati, OH) has started production of its Draft Simulator, a new battery-operated instrument that can calibrate and test adjustable and factory-set pressure switches. The instrument produces a sustainable vacuum pressure, allowing HVAC technicians to simulate the pressures draft inducers produce on furnaces while determining when pressure switches open and close, all without a furnace running or the pressure switch even attached to the furnace. The Draft Simulator can also address safety issues, allowing users to catch a furnace problem before it becomes a tragedy. A pressure switch, which has a diaphragm and microswitch inside of it, senses pressure inside the furnace and lets electric current flow when the pressure is normal. If the pressure falls or reaches a dangerous level, the switch shuts off the electrical current to prevent damage.

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