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Ground Rod Kit Expands Grounding Electrode Offering

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 9:36am
Galvan Industries, Inc.

Harrisburg, NC -- Galvan's new Ground Rod Electrode Kit is easy to install, ship and handle, and it complies with UL 467. Designated part number 6258R-KIT, it is NEC and NESC compliant, perfect for contractors and convenient for DIY-ers.

The kit contains five parts: two 4-foot copper-coated ground rods threaded on one end of each rod, a 5/8" threaded coupling, a 5/8" drive stud and a 5/8" UL-Listed ground rod clamp. Made in the USA, it installs from ground level, safe and easy, with no compression components. Total weight is 8 lbs.

To install, dig a small hole 3 to 4 inches deep where the rod is to be driven. Connect the threaded coupling to the rod that is threaded on the drive end. Screw the drive stud into the open end of the coupling. Using the Galvan Ground Rod Driver or other suitable tool, drive the first rod into the ground approximately three (3) feet.

Remove the drive stud and replace it with the second rod, threading and tightening it securely into the coupling. Then drive the coupled rods below grade, leaving enough of the rod exposed within the hole to attach the ground rod clamp and grounding conductor below grade as required to meet code. Leave the dirt removed beside the hole so that it can be replaced easily after inspection. Galvan's 6258R-KIT meets all requirements of UL 467 with proper assembly.


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