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Two Innovative Visual Safety Devices

Tue, 12/17/2013 - 8:51am
J.W. Speaker
Germantown, Wis. - Specifically designed for the material handling industry, the Model 770 RED and Model 770 BLU from J.W. Speaker represent a new way of thinking about visual safety devices.  Traditional visual warning devices (ex. strobes) are most effective when a pedestrian is able to see the fork lift coming.  If they are not paying close attention or there is a blind corner present, the traditional visual warning device really doesn’t contribute much to preventing an accident.  The Model 770 RED and 770 BLU don’t rely at all on pedestrians being able to see the fork lift. Instead, they project a bright, highly concentrated beam pattern on the ground in the direction that the fork lift is moving. We use red and blue because studies have shown that they are two of the most noticeable colors to the human eye.
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