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Duracell Quantum

Tue, 10/15/2013 - 9:01am
Duracell Professional

Duracell Professional (Bethel, CT), the business-to-business division of Duracell, has announced the launch of Duracell Quantum, Duracell’s most advanced battery, to its professional customers and distributors. Duracell Quantum features a Hi-Density Core that includes more and better materials than ever before, says the company. Its ability to function efficiently across a range of low-drain and high-drain devices makes Duracell Quantum the ideal power solution for devices such as flashlights, smoke alarms, clocks, emergency radios, remote controls, and digital cameras. Each Quantum battery is guaranteed to retain its charge for up to 10 years in storage thanks to Duralock with Power Preserve technology. Duracell Quantum also includes Duracell’s exclusive Powercheck power indicator on each cell for an accurate reading of the remaining power.

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