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Pocket Floodlight

Fri, 09/06/2013 - 4:06pm

The Pocket Floodlight™ lighting tools from Maxxeon (Cleveland, OH) feature an LED that produces over 140 lumens of light, says the company. In contrast to most flashlights, the wide-angle, floodlight-style beam pattern produced by the light is said to be completely clear and free from dark spots or hot spots. This clear pattern, combined with the intense white beam, makes it easy for the user to plainly see the inspection area, distinguish colors more easily, and troubleshoot more effectively. The light has been designed to be most effective at a range from 6” to 6’, providing a beam pattern diameter of about 4’ at a 3’ distance. These pen light-style lighting tools are compact and light weight, and clip into a pocket, to be easily available when needed.

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