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Spiroplan Gear Units

Thu, 06/14/2012 - 12:46pm

High speed, high efficiency, and low noise makes the W37/W47 Spiroplan® right-angle gear units the perfect choice for conveyors in the food, beverage, airport, and material handling industries as well as other logistics says SEW-EURODRIVE (Lyman, SC). With a robust aluminum housing, Spiroplan gear units are compact, light-weight, lubricated for life, and may be mounted in any orientation (except M4) with the same amount of oil. Offering low gear ratios for high output speeds, their wear-free gears minimize friction for optimal efficiency. And with very low noise, they are perfectly suited for quiet, sensitive work areas. The first stage helical gearing and second stage hypoid gearing combination of the W37 & W47 Spiroplan can provide high mechanical efficiency and low energy consumption compared to worm gear units.

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