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Coatings That Cure In Seconds

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 6:33am

The Multi-Cure 9-30556 coating, from DYMAX (Torrington, CT), cures in seconds upon exposure to UV/visible light and was designed for rapid coating of PCBs and other electronic assemblies. It is formulated to remain on the edges of difficult-to-wet components and sharp leads. With a medium viscosity, it was designed to enhance wetting of leads, and is compatible with most types of spray equipment. Other features include:

  • The elimination of the time-consuming process steps required by traditional thermal-cure and room-temperature-cure conformal coatings.
  • The ability to skip flash off or evaporation.
  • A solvent-free mixture that contains no VOCs, which enhances worker safety and minimizes environmental impact.

Visit for more information on the compound.


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