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Carry More With Modular Belts

Tue, 04/05/2011 - 6:04am

Duckbill LLC (Grand Rapids, MI) has designed the MobilityMax product line of ergonomic body-borne carrying gear, which allows for users to bring their hand tools, instruments, and devices with them in a modular fashion. The MobilityMax product is a system-based approach to upgrading new, or existing, fall protection harnesses that do not interfere with the ability to carry gear. In addition, the tool belt can quickly and routinely be removed from the fall protection harness. Considering that MobilityMax allows each wearer to select, position, or rearrange any combination of more than 100 versatile modules. According to the company, the system improves the users’ muscular-skeletal health, inhibits tool belt-inflicted back pain, and mitigates the nuisance pain caused by the harness rubbing against the body.

Check out to get more details on the MobilityMax.


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