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Save Money On Extrusions

Thu, 01/13/2011 - 8:17am

Guill Tool & Engineering (West Warwick, RI) now offers money-saving extrusion technology in the form of a unique six-layer head/die, which offers a lower cost when compared to purchasing two three-layer systems to perform the same function. The Series 800 can extrude fluropolymer materials, but it can also handle non-fluoropolymers and adhesives that work well when combined in thin layers. Other features include:

  • Patented spiral engineering for upstream thermal balancing, which creates an equal flow.
  • The FeatherTouch design that enables smooth concentricity adjustment for low-effort concentricity without choking off the upstream.
  • Deflectors that yield minimum chamber residence time for the extrusion material.

Visit to learn more about the Series 800.


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