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Air- Or Electrically-Actuated Drives

Tue, 12/07/2010 - 9:20am

Force Control Industries (Fairfield, OH) has announced their Two Speed Drive for applications up to 30 HP that require a high turndown ratio, while maintaining high torque. The drive includes a brake motor with a low speed drive built-in, which provides precise low speed control with continuous high torque. According to the company, the drives are ideal for transfer or lift systems, rotary components, car spotters, cranes, winches, and more. The line of drives includes:

  • The Posidyne Two Speed Drive — Air Actuated
    • A high-speed motor connected through a spring set friction stack operating as a clutch and a brake.
    • A worm gear that connects to a worm, which has a secondary drive consisting of a small low speed motor connected to one end and a spring set brake (low speed brake) to the other end.
  • The MagnaShear Two Speed Drive — Electrically Actuated
    • The same concept as the air actuated units, except that the brakes are actuated by an electrical coil instead of an air piston.
    • High-speed and low-speed modes.

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