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Dry As A Desert

Thu, 11/18/2010 - 9:48am

Atlas Copco (Westfield, MA) has launched three new desiccant air dryer ranges that are designed for efficiency, with low pressure drops, delayed dryer cycles, and a guaranteed constant pressure dew point — even at full load — under any condition. The CD+ range is engineered with a design that guarantees reliability, according to the company. The blower purge dryer — the BD 100+-300+ — is built for energy-efficiency and endurance. These products are made for absorbing moisture from a compressed air source, so they are ideal for use in demanding industries. Other features include:

  • A pressure dew point sensor that measures the remaining humidity in the compressed air, detects when the active tower is completely saturated and then switches the functions of the two dryer towers at the optimal moment.
  • An Elektronikon Graphic controller, which helps keep leaks and pressure drops low.
  • Easily-accessible components and durable materials, which extends maintenance intervals and minimizes costly production time for installation and servicing.

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