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The Hard Nut Life

Fri, 04/16/2010 - 6:32am

Fasteners Plus, Inc. (Iverness, IL) has developed the Hard Lock Nuts, which are designed to withstand loosening from vibration longer than any other fastener on the market. A unique wedge principle creates a self-locking force — a small curve in the sliding part of the convex top of the lower nut acts as the wedge, and the effect is similar to hammer-driving in a wedge. Other features include:

  • Maintenance of the initial axial force, which prevents screws from coming loose or bolts from breaking.
  • Easy installation, requiring only the use of a wrench.
  • Passage of the American Vibration and Impact Test NAS 3350/NAS 3354 (National Aerospace Standard).
  • Reusability, because there is no abrasion between the convex and concave portions of the nut.

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